Sunday, July 26, 2009


UER’s core energy saving products, carry a 2-year product warranty and have a minimum of 15-year maintenance free product lifespan. A minimum 5% savings in electricity is guaranteed with money back guarantee under normal operating conditions.

The product is capable of conserving electrical energy, based on experience, from 7% to 25%.

‘Total Energy Saver’ is a new concept in energy conservation which is very different from other energy conservation product currently in the market. Most of the products in the market conserve energy by reducing voltage which may result to other incidental problems, such and lower performance and equipment break down.

‘Total Energy Saver’ is the amazing product that will eliminate these problems. It minimises the load and increases the energy efficiency without reducing the voltage thus, maximising energy saving usage.

Product Advantages

Ø Current Improvements System – increases the efficiency of the energy system without reducing the voltage usage.

Ø Effective Power Saving Performance – saves energy up to 25% than other products.

Ø Stable Durability – it is comparatively more stable in terms of energy usage and product life span.

Ø Easy Installation – Can be easily installed, only 10 to 20 minutes.

Ø Superior Safety – it is not an electrically based product and because of this it will not affect itself or other products. Safe to be installed anywhere.

Ø Preventing Static Electricity.

Ø Preventing Harmful Electromagnetic Waves.

Ø Ultra Slim Size – small in size and easy to handle. Eg. Model 100 KVA: Dimension: 220mm x 300mm x 90mm, Weight: 8kg.

Ø Competitive Price – Comparatively very competitive price. Much cheaper as there is no other incidental costs such as installation and transportation.

Ø Outstanding Return on Investment – Clients install this product based on trust on the product/concept as well as pricing.

This product comes in various models which is suitable for the clients’ level of electrical consumption. Also it can be customized to client’s requirements.

This product also has an insurance cover on the installation, worldwide amounting to USD 4,500,000.00 in premium.


T5 high efficiency and energy conservation lamps adopt fluorescent tubes with tricolor and rare-earth powder which contain low Hg and have no radicalization. The tubes are thinner than T8 tubes. Their luminous efficiency is high and light is no glint which is similar with natural sunlight. Because of the high color developing ratio, the color of objects illuminated by them is brilliant, bright and clear.

This kind of lamps is applicable for location with long working hours and can make workers keep pleasure heart and bring excite and alive feelings of illumination to them; in case of same power consumption, the saved energy of T5 high efficiency and energy conservation lamps is 45~50% more than that T8 inductance rectifier and the line current reduces three times.

Without producing heat by them, the life may prolong from two to three times, so they fulfill really green illumination with energy conservation and environmental protection.


Ø Input AC voltage: 170~265V, 50-60Hz

Ø Operating frequency: 30 ±3kHz

Ø High Power Factor: >0.95

Ø Low Harmonic Distortion: THD ≤10%

Ø Starting time: <>

Ø High-frequency operating: no flick and comfortable illumination for eyesight

Ø Environment Temperature: -10oC ~ 40oC

Ø Low lamp lumen depreciation: luminance maintenance rate >80% at 10,000 hours

Ø Warranty

o Fitting – 2 years

o Tube - 18 months OR 10,000 hours

Ø Life Span

o Fitting – 5 years

o Tube – 15,000 hours

Ø Product Categories

o Fitting

§ 4 feet Long Fluorescent Lamp

· 28 Watt

· 25 Watt

· 21 Watt

§ 2 feet Short Fluorescent Lamp

· 14 Watt

o Tube

§ Cool White

§ Day Light

§ Warm Light